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Hi, Mia here! Just after I got pregnant with my first child, my husband and I decided to spend a few months abroad. While it was a great experience, I made the mistake of not learning the language before I left. Getting antenatal care was difficult when I couldn't communicate with the doctors, so I had to start learning things for myself. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to continue even when I got back home to Australia. This blog is filled with everything I've discovered over the years about managing your own health (and your family's health!) with and without medical intervention.


The three signs of thyroid cancer you should watch out for

1 March 2018
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When people hear about testing for cancer, they think about regular mammograms to detect breast cancer early or visiting the dermatologist to check for skin cancer. However, it is quite rare to hear someone thinking about the possibility of getting thyroid cancer, yet the rates of its occurrence have been skyrocketing. There are certain signs that can help you be on the lookout for this cancer and get an early diagnosis, giving you a better chance of recovery. Read More …

3 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help With Ménière’s Disease

14 December 2017
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Ménière's disease can be a difficult disorder to live with, causing a host of symptoms from vertigo to hearing loss to depression. If, like many sufferers, you're looking for new ways to manage your condition, consider booking an appointment with a physiotherapist. While physiotherapy can't treat the underlying inner ear dysfunction that causes Ménière's disease, it can help you deal with the symptoms and effects of the condition. Here are three ways you might benefit from physiotherapy. Read More …

3 Signs Your Child Athlete Might Have Coeliac Disease

2 November 2017
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Good health is essential to good athletic performance, especially where children are concerned. If your child is an amateur or elite athlete and their health seems to be suffering, coeliac disease could be to blame. This gastroenterological illness causes gluten intolerance and can lead to a range of side effects and symptoms that affect your child's ability to train and perform at their best. Here are 3 coeliac signs to look out for in your little sporting star. Read More …

Postpartum Health: An Overview Of Mastitis

29 August 2017
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Mastitis is a painful condition that occurs when an infection takes hold in your breast tissue. It typically affects breastfeeding women within the first few months after having their baby, but mastitis can occur at any time while you are still breastfeeding. Mastitis can be caused by a blocked milk duct, which leads to milk becoming backed up in your breast tissue. Ducts can become blocked when the breast is not completely emptied of milk during a feeding or when there's too much of a gap between feedings or pumping your milk, which can lead to engorgement. Read More …

4 Treatment Options For Crohn’s Disease

21 August 2017
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As an inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease causes inflammation that can occur anywhere along your digestive tract, and the condition can be debilitating for those who have frequent flare-ups of their symptoms. It's not fully understood why some people develop Crohn's disease, but a combination of environmental and genetic factors are thought to trigger the illness. If you've recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, you'll be aware that the goal of treatment is to bring about long-term remission and relief from the serious symptoms associated with this illness, such as abdominal upset, pain and malnutrition caused by being unable to absorb nutrients due to bowel inflammation. Read More …