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Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Own Health

Hi, Mia here! Just after I got pregnant with my first child, my husband and I decided to spend a few months abroad. While it was a great experience, I made the mistake of not learning the language before I left. Getting antenatal care was difficult when I couldn't communicate with the doctors, so I had to start learning things for myself. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to continue even when I got back home to Australia. This blog is filled with everything I've discovered over the years about managing your own health (and your family's health!) with and without medical intervention.


Could Your Children Be Affected by Hearing Loss?

5 July 2017
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Many parents might complain that their children don't listen to them. Part of this is probably your children simply pretending not to hear you when you call out to them, along with the sometimes distracted nature of being a child—not hearing you because their attention is focussed elsewhere. But what about when the issue seems to be an actual tangible problem with your child's hearing? Hearing loss in children is of course something that is deeply concerning for all parents. Read More …